Sep 1, 2007

Moving on

Bike Zone is closed. I spent Friday afternoon and night there loading up the last of the merchandise and stuff. They have had their "moving" sale for the past month and got rid of a lot of stuff. So the Virginia Beach Wheelmen will be looking for a new title sponsor this year.

The closing of Bike Zone means more to me than just losing a sponsor. I started working for Rick, the owner, in 1996 when it was Bike Line. I was the service manager, store manager then just part time guy who came in when he was needed manager. So after 11 years of working there, plus 3 years of working in that shop when it was A-1 Beach Bikes, the turning in my keys and the emptying of the store was a little sad for me.

As a team, we were hoping to use our kits for two years. We got new jerseys last year and were hoping not to have to order new ones for a little while. Since I do have to redo our clothing, I was wondering if anyone wanted to buy (for cheap) our jerseys from this last year. It would help our team recoop some of our money back from last year to use toward next years kits.

I have limited supply. Small, Medium (19" and full zipper), XL. I will let them go for $40 each. Good price for a training jersey, and now they will be a collector's item.

There are rumors spreading about the future of the Virginia Beach Wheelmen. I will just say we are keeping our options open. Thanks for everyone's input. Any further advice?

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