Mar 5, 2008

New Team Kits Have Arrived

The new Virginia Beach Wheelmen clothing arrived yesterday. As most everyone knows our title sponsor for the past 2 years (Bike Zone) closed shop this last September. We all really liked the design of our clothing and so we chose to stay with the general pattern. But now people will know us a Virginia Beach Wheelmen instead of Bike Zone. As you can see we have some really good sponsors. Velocity Sports Performance is one. And if you are a regular reader you will know that a group of us has trained there all winter long. Watch out for the sprints and power output from everyone in that group. Stihl also has been a sponsor of ours for the last 2 years.
Gold's Gym has really hooked us up with memberships for the last two years as well. There is nothing like an off season training plan that includes weight training. If your not doing you probably should be. Also thanks to Gam Jams for being our media sponsor. I know Gam Jams has increased the volume of visitors to this site. Look there later on in the season when the Virginia Beach Wheelmen really start to race. We are excited about our new additions to the team this year, including a junior who has some real potential.
We are probably the only team jersey out there with a picture of a doll. That is actually my mom's company. She does custom crafts like dolls, scrapbooks and even quilts made from race t-shirts. Most of her stuff is ebay, but the custom stuff can be called in. I'll give anyone contact info if they are at all interested. She is working on a website soon. Also thanks to Premier Fitness in Sufflolk. He is new to sponsoring us this year. Premier is very active in all aspects of fitness, and this shows that the Virginia Beach Wheelmen are serious about our strength training.
Ken Rapp from Rose and Womble is a supporter of the sport. Call him with any real estate needs. He is located in Virginia Beach but will work anywhere in Tidewater (362-7395). Ramone Photography is an awesome photographer. He is located at Willis Wayside. Anyone ever see the picture of the baby sleeping with her head in a man's hand and her body laying on his arm. The picture is on display at Pembroke Mall. That is Ramone's work and it is my 5 year old daughter when she was a week old. Very artistic work. Also Outdoor Impressions has been around since the beginning, thanks to them.
Our new bike shop sponsor is All About Bikes which can be found in Suffolk and Chesapeake. This is turning out to be a very good partnership. All About Bikes really is active in the cycling community and wants to see the sport grow, not just the shop.
So we are thrilled with our new threads and really appreciate all sponsors who give us money and/or services to race our bikes. It doesn't get any better than that.

I thought I would post this so everyone could see all the sponsors. I know sometimes it is hard to see, especially at the speeds these jerseys will be going. See you out there.

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