Dec 23, 2008

Virginia Beach Wheelmen Training at Atlantic Performance

Watch out next year. This specialized training will make the Wheelmen the team to beat.

May 28, 2008

Kyle the Kid at Bike Jam

Kyle Obrien of the Virginia Beach Wheelmen raced the Junior 15/16 race early in the morning. Since the Juniors all started together the 17/18 guys started the race fast, but Kyle maintained and scored a 6th place in his race.

Then the last race of the day was the Cat 4. Large field, fast race but Kyle raced smart and got to the front. On the last lap in the S-turn he took off after a solo break. No one followed. He cruised in for a stunning 2nd place finish.

This is a kid to watch. I'm just glad he's wearing our jersey.

Apr 28, 2008

The Virginia Beach Wheelmen want to promote a road race...but we need help.

The Virginia Beach Wheelmen are currently looking for a good road race course to promote a race on for late summer. We found one in Suffolk but I think parking might be an issue. Any ideas? Anywhere in Tidewater is good. We would like to see some road or circuit races start to happen around here. Thanks for any information you might have.

Also if we are able to find a course in time, we will need some volunteers for the day. This will make life easier and it will give the Virginia Beach Wheelmen racers a chance to race.

Mar 30, 2008

2008 VBW Team Results

Kyle Obrien: 1st Juniors 15-18
Kyle Obrien: 12th Men's Cat 4
John Gray: 14th Men's Cat 4
Jon Nisbet: 1st Men's Cat 3
Tim Shockley: 9th Men's Cat 3
Joshua Goyet: 13th Men's Cat 3
Jon Nisbet: 7th Men's 1/2/3
Jennifer Shockley: 4th Women's Cat 4

DISMAL DASH 40K TT 3/16/08
Kyle Obrien: 2nd Juniors 15-16
John Gray: 20th Men's Cat 4
Jon Nisbet: 22nd Men's Cat 1/2/3
James Goyet: 26th Men's Cat 1/2/3
Joshua Goyet: 27th Men's Cat 1/2/3
Jennifer Shockley: 10th Women's Cat 4

Kyle Obrien: 10th Juniors

Kyle Obrien: 1st Juniors 15-16
Joshua Goyet: 11th Men't Cat 3

Kyle Obrien: 1st Juniors 15-16
Kyle Obrien: 12th Men's Cat 4
John Gray: 17th Men's Cat 4
Jon Nisbet: 8th Master's 30+
John Gray: 22nd Master's 30+

Kyle Obrien: 4th Men's Cat 4
John Gray: 9th Men's Cat 4
Joshua Goyet: 12th Master's 30+/40+ (6th in the 30+)
Jon Nisbet: 18th Men's 1/2/3

CASEY CRIT 4/20/08
John Gray: 8th Men's Cat 4
Kyle O'brien: 14th Men's Cat 4
John Gray: 9th Master's 30+
Joshua Goyet: 12th Master's 30+

Kyle O'brien: 2nd Juniors 15/16

GO FAST TURN LEFT #1 5/18/08
Kyle O'brien: 7th Men's Cat 4
John Gray: 14th Men's Cat 4
Kyle O'brien: 1st Juniors 15/16

Kyle O'brien: 6th Junior's 15/16
Kyle O'brien: 2nd Men's Cat 4

John Gray: 4th Men's Cat 4 (3rd place for Virginia State Championship)
Kyle O'brien: 13th Men's Cat 4
Joshua Goyet: 16th Men's Cat 3

PLT TIME TRIAL #1 6/8/08
Kyle O'brien: 1st Juniors 15/16
Joshua Goyet: 14th Men's Cat 3
John Gray: 20th Men's Cat 4

John Gray: 5th Men's Cat 4

GO FAST TURN LEFT #2 6/21/08
Kyle O'brien: 3rd Juniors 15-18
Joshua Goyet: 15th Men's Cat Pro/1/2/3
Joshua Goyet: 7th Men's Cat 3/4
Kyle O'brien: 14th Men's Cat 3/4
John Gray: 26th Men's Cat 3/4
John Gray: 5th Men's Cat 4

Kyle O'brien: 1st Juniors 15/16
John Gray: 13th Men's Cat 4

Joshua Goyet: 13th Men's Cat 3
John Gray: 10th Men's Cat 4

TNP TT 7/19/08
Joshua Goyet: 15th Men's Cat 1/2/3

Kyle O'brien: 1st Juniors 15/16
Joshua Goyet: 22nd Men's Cat 3/4

Joshua Goyet: 2nd Master's 30+

Kyle O'brien: 65th Junior's 15/16

Kyle O'brien: 17th Juniors 15/16

Kyle O'brien: 59th Junior's 15/16

Jon Nisbet: 1st Master's 30+
Tim Shockley: 2nd Master's 30+
Joshua Goyet: 3rd Master's 30+
John Gray: 4th Master's 30+

PTL TT #3 8/10/08
Joshua Goyet: 6th Men's Cat 3

GO FAST TURN LEFT #3 8/16/08
John Gray: 11th Men's Cat 4
Joshua Goyet: 22nd Men's Cat 3/4
John Gray: 28th Men's Cat 3/4

Kyle O'brien: 3rd Juniors 15-18
Joshua Goyet: 7th Master's 30+
John Gray: 5th Men's Cat 4
Tim Shockley: 8th Men's Cat 3
Joshua Goyet: 10th Men's Cat 3
Kyle O'brien: 13th Men's Cat 3
Jennifer Shockley: 8th Women's Cat 4

VBW Teammates

Joshua Goyet
Cat 3 Racer, Level C Official
Racing Age: 32
Disciplines: Road, Cyclocross
Occupation: Firefigher

2007 Medals/Titles: 3rd VA Masters 30-34 RR
2008 Medals/Titles: 2nd VA Masters 30-34 TT, 3rd VA Masters 30-34 Crit

James Goyet
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 34
Disciplines: Road, Mountain, Triathlon
Occupation: Air Force SERE

Jon Nisbet
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 31
Disciplines: Road, Track, Cyclocross
Occupation: Landscaper
2007 Medals/Titles: 1st VA Cat 3 RR, 1st VA Cat 3 Omnium, Cat 3 BAR Champion
2008 Medals/Titles: 1st VA Masters 30-34 Crit

Tim Shockley
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 32
Disciplines: Road, Cyclocross, Mountain
Occupation: Landscaper
2008 Medals/Titles: 2nd VA Masters 30-34 Crit

Mike Tamayo
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 32
Discipline: Road, Cyclocross
Occupation: Firefighter

John Gray
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 32
Discipline: Road, Mountain
Occupation: Firefighter
2008 Medals/Titles: 3nd VA Cat 4 Crit

Kyle Obrien
Cat 3 Racer
Racing Age: 15
Discipline: Road
Occupation: Student
2008 Medals/Titles: Junior 15-16 BAR Champion, 2nd VA Juniors 15-26 Hill Climb,

Jennifer Shockley
Cat 4 Racer
Racing Age: 31
Discipline: Road, Cyclocross, Mountain
Occupation: Business Owner

Jenni Goyet (blue shirt)
Race Promoter, Level C official
Occupation: Hard working mother

Lori Ann Peters (green shirt)
Race Promoter
Occupation: Financial Consultant

Leah Nisbet (behind the lens)
Team photographer
Occupation: School Teacher

Mar 20, 2008

Official VBW Smackdown 2008 Race Results

Congrats to everyone who raced. Here are the official race results. Sorry it took me so long to post - our family got pretty sick after this busy weekend...

VBW Smackdown
Sat Mar 15, 2008

Junior 10-14

1. 103 Zak Kyler TriPower
2. 107 Jake King
3. 142 Alex Scalise JRVS/Casey Auto Group
4. 141 Patrick Ribble JRVS/Casey Auto Group
5. 101 Timothy Dean Raleigh Allstars
6. 102 Kristin Scheafer Rostello by Fiorucci
7. 139 Henry Ledford Alan North America
8. 140 Mallory McNelis Team Natures Path
9. 138 Lena Hinkle Fat Frogs
10. 116 Chloe Shockley

Junior 15-18

1. 145 Kyle O.Brian VA Bch Wheelmen
2. 147 Alan Vaughn JRVS/Casey Auto Group
3. 144 Michael McCoy James River Velo
4. 117 Shane Hockenberger JRVS/Casey Auto Group
5. 110 Jacob King
6. 146 Peter Scalise JRVS/Casey Auto Group

Men Cat 3

1. 205 Jon Nisbet Va Bch Wheelmen
2. 185 James Bender Team Le Blue
3. 188 Frank Deal JRVS/Casey Auto Group
4. 190 Andres Demarchean Fat Frogs
5. 208 Bill Scanlon Charlottesville Racing
6. 204 Ian Marcuse Aidan
7. 201 Tyler Karnes Hincape Barkley
8. 327 Steve Simet JRVS/Casey Auto Group
9. 209 Tim Shockley Va Bch Wheelmen
10. 203 Stu Louder Kazane
11. 186 Jeff Craddock Fat Frogs
12. 187 Jay Cummins Team Natures Path
13. 196 Joshua Goyet Va Bch Wheelmen
14. 192 Mark Edwards CCNS
15. 198 Vincent Heivilin TriPower
16. 323 Julie Kuliecza
17. 199 Kevin Horvath TriPower
18. 200 Mitch Hunt All About Bikes
19. 184 Charles Barker All About Bikes
20. 214 Harlan Ward Team Le Blue

Prime Winner
192 Mark Edwards $10
206 Kevin Owen $10
184 Charles Barker $10

Cat 4

1. 224 David Erickson JRVS/Casey Auto Group
2. 237 Robert Netsch GS Kitty Hawk
3. 246 Jacob Tremblay Fiorucci/Cycor
4. 221 Jimmy Deaton Coastal Racing
5. 239 Elliott O.Brien Team Traveler
6. 230 Terry Lovell Team Le Blue
7. 247 Mark Warner Team Natures Path
8. 223 Chris Dinsmore TriPower
9. 222 Ricky Devennish GS Kitty Hawk
10. 235 Scott Moore JRVS/Casey Auto Group
11. 245 Amos Swogger All About Bikes
12. 238 Kyle O.Brien Va Bch Wheelmen
13. 241 James Parrott All About Bikes
14. 227 John Grey Va Bch Wheelmen
15. 249 Andy Winch Va Bch Velo
16. 259 Wilson Hale JRVS/Casey Auto Group
17. 162 Percy Martin Fat Frogs
18. 244 Martin Snyder Fat Frogs
19. 225 Ed Fisher Shore Velocity
20. 216 Kelvin Acree Va Bch Velo
21. 220 Shawn Deal Fiorucci/Cycor
22. 229 Roger Hunt JRVS/Casey Auto Group
23. 226 Robert Frank Team Le Blue
24. 233 Patrick McKeegan Monticello Velo
25. 243 George Scheel Fat Frogs
26 228 Daniel Hockenberger JRVS/Casey Auto Group
27. 236 John Musante TriPower
28. 242 AJ Sanders Fat Frogs
29. 232 Arthur Marks TriPower

Prime Winner
246 Jacob Tremblay $10
246 Jacob Tremblay $10
224 David Erickson $10

Men 30+

1. 111 Mark King Charlottesville Racing
2. 320 Sean Yeager Altius
3. 149 Robert Dinterman Team Le Blue
4. 316 Jimmy Deaton Coastal Racing
5. 155 Kirk Sweeney Altius
6. 156 Shawn Tunstall Kazane Racing
7. 311 Mark Warner Team Nature.s Path
8. 153 Ryan Roehrman Hilton Cycling Club
9. 150 Daniel Gibson Va Bch Velo
10. 152 Kevin Horvath TriPower
11. 318 AJ Sanders Fat Frogs
12. 167/154 James Schaefer Rostello
13. 315 Maria Huizing Team Kenda Tires
14. 127 David Rusnak Corner Cycle

Men 40+

1. 310 Dan King Team Nature.s Path
2. 317 Bill Collins Va Bch Velo
3. 313 Tim Mullins Va Bch Velo
4. 123 Mark King Charlottesville Racing
5. 165 Brian Ralston North End
6. 167 James Schaefer Rostello
7. 168 Tim Starkey TriPower
8. 157 Spencer Becket ABRT
9. 158 Tom Fournier Coastal Racing
10. 166 Bill Scanlon Charlottesville Racing
11. 164 Jeff Parker Va Bch Velo
12. 132 David Rusnak Corner Cycle

Men 50+

1. 172 Gary Hoffman Team Nature.s Path
2. 176 Dennis Rainear Team Nature.s Path
3. 174 Jeff Lawson TriPower
4. 173 Wesley King Team Nature.s Path
5. 183 Ronald Whitenack JRVS/Casey Auto Group
6. 175 Michael Libby Charlottesville Racing
7. 179 Dave Scheessele Hilton Cycling Club
8. 171 Jordan Davis Fat Frogs
9. 170 Dan Darby TriPower
10. 182 Dan Trisic Team Nature.s Path
11. 308 Peter Swan NCVC
12. 181 Peter Tempest TriPower
13. 180 Ken Sheck Team Nature.s Path
14. 178 Rubin Santos Hilton Cycling Club
15. 177 Bob Samuel TriPower
16. 169 John Blaszczak TriPower

Men 1/2/3

1. 284 Cameron Holland JRVS/Casey Auto Group
2. 283 Rich Harper Inferno Racing
3. 287 Matt Lee Capri Foundation
4. 286 Dan King Team Nature.s Path
5. 332 Marc Greko TriPower
6. 281 Gene Fowler Team Le Blue
7. 325 Jon Nisbet Va Bch Wheelmen
8. 326 Mark King Charlottesville Racing
9. 330 Jon Gaudio Seigler Imports
10. 280 Robert Dinterman Team Le Blue
11. 282 Thomas Gillespie Altius
12. 279 Spencer Beckett ABRT
13. 288 Gene Rutledge Team Le Blue

Prime Winner
288 Gene Rutledge $10
283 Rich Harper $10
283 Rich Harper $10

Men Cat 5

1. 267 Walter Lee Fat Frogs
2. 272 Vincent Mysliwiec Avanti Racing
3. 274 Chris Rosen Hilton Cycling CLub
4. 255 Robert Cook Team Nature.s Path
5. 270 Joel Miller Team Nature.s Path
6. 106 Charles Langley Fat Frogs
7. 273 Stephen Radcliff Team Nature.s Path
8. 250 Brian Adamchuk Fat Frogs
9. 252 Jayson Cisak All About Bikes
10. 265 Zackary Kyler TriPower
11. 262 Sammy Hinkle Fat Frogs
12. 275 James Salisbury Team Traveler
13. 263 David Hughes TriPower
14. 277 Alan Vaughn JRVS/Casey Auto Group
15. 269 David Magnant JRVS/Casey Auto Group
16. 251 Jason Bradford Fat Frogs
17. 254 David Cobb Team Traveler
18. 271 Joseph Mueller
19. 256 Paul Croft JRVS/Casey Auto Group

Women 40+

1. 134 Maria Calcatera
2. 292 BJ Samuel TriPower
3. 291 Ann Hardy Team Marshall
4. 290 Karen Hansen Rostello
5. 293 Susan Scheel Fat Frogs
6. 294 Jane Seymour Fat Frogs
7. 289 Glenda Craddock Fat Frogs

Women Cat 4

1. 307 Nona Williams Fat Frogs
2. 303 Sonya Gagnon Rostello
3. 302 Donna Christopher Fat Frogs
4. 306 Jennifer Shockley Va Bch Wheelmen
5. 304 Kathleen Herndon Rostello

Women 1/2/3

1. 301 Rachel Warner Juice Plus
2. 300 Sally Tempest TriPower
3. 296 Carol Ennser Artimis
4. 295 Laura Cook TriPower
5. 126 Margan Huizing Team Honda Tire
6. 297 Emily Joyner Team Marshall
7. 120 Amity Elliot Van Dessal
8. 305 Brenna Santoro TriPower
9. 309 Eli Hunt JRVS/Casey Auto Group
10. 299 Julia Smith Team Rostello
11. 298 Gwynne Reid Team Marshall

Mar 5, 2008

New Team Kits Have Arrived

The new Virginia Beach Wheelmen clothing arrived yesterday. As most everyone knows our title sponsor for the past 2 years (Bike Zone) closed shop this last September. We all really liked the design of our clothing and so we chose to stay with the general pattern. But now people will know us a Virginia Beach Wheelmen instead of Bike Zone. As you can see we have some really good sponsors. Velocity Sports Performance is one. And if you are a regular reader you will know that a group of us has trained there all winter long. Watch out for the sprints and power output from everyone in that group. Stihl also has been a sponsor of ours for the last 2 years.
Gold's Gym has really hooked us up with memberships for the last two years as well. There is nothing like an off season training plan that includes weight training. If your not doing you probably should be. Also thanks to Gam Jams for being our media sponsor. I know Gam Jams has increased the volume of visitors to this site. Look there later on in the season when the Virginia Beach Wheelmen really start to race. We are excited about our new additions to the team this year, including a junior who has some real potential.
We are probably the only team jersey out there with a picture of a doll. That is actually my mom's company. She does custom crafts like dolls, scrapbooks and even quilts made from race t-shirts. Most of her stuff is ebay, but the custom stuff can be called in. I'll give anyone contact info if they are at all interested. She is working on a website soon. Also thanks to Premier Fitness in Sufflolk. He is new to sponsoring us this year. Premier is very active in all aspects of fitness, and this shows that the Virginia Beach Wheelmen are serious about our strength training.
Ken Rapp from Rose and Womble is a supporter of the sport. Call him with any real estate needs. He is located in Virginia Beach but will work anywhere in Tidewater (362-7395). Ramone Photography is an awesome photographer. He is located at Willis Wayside. Anyone ever see the picture of the baby sleeping with her head in a man's hand and her body laying on his arm. The picture is on display at Pembroke Mall. That is Ramone's work and it is my 5 year old daughter when she was a week old. Very artistic work. Also Outdoor Impressions has been around since the beginning, thanks to them.
Our new bike shop sponsor is All About Bikes which can be found in Suffolk and Chesapeake. This is turning out to be a very good partnership. All About Bikes really is active in the cycling community and wants to see the sport grow, not just the shop.
So we are thrilled with our new threads and really appreciate all sponsors who give us money and/or services to race our bikes. It doesn't get any better than that.

I thought I would post this so everyone could see all the sponsors. I know sometimes it is hard to see, especially at the speeds these jerseys will be going. See you out there.

Feb 9, 2008

VBW Smackdown Race Course at Sleepy Hole

View Larger Map

Directions from Richmond

View Larger Map

Directions from Virginia Beach

View Larger Map

Click on the "View Larger Map" link to see the text directions.

Jan 27, 2008

Race Flyer

Online registration is now open. Click the BikeReg logo.


BY: Virginia Beach Wheelmen Held under USA Cycling Permit

Location: Sleepy Hole, Suffolk, VA Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top 15 finishers in each race will be scored VA BAR Points



Field limit




Juniors 10-14



15 min.

All receive ribbons


Juniors 15-18



30 min.

Trophies 1/2/3


Cat 5



30 min.

Trophies 1/2/3


Women Cat 1-2-3,40+, 4



30 min.

3 places* $50,$50,$50


Masters 50+

(No Cat 5)



45 min



Masters 40+

( No Cat 5)



45 min.



Masters 30+

(No Cat 5)



45 min.



Cat 4 Men



45 min.



Cat 3 Men



60 min.



Men (Pro/1, 2, 3 )**



90 min.



*Cash prizes may increase based on field size. **CAT 1/2 BAR only

Entry Fees include $2.00 USCF insurance fee. All entrants must have a current USCF license or MUST purchase a One-Day License at registration. Riders under 18 require a parent’s signature to race. All USCF rules apply. $5 late fee for registration day except for junior races. Online registration available at . Helmets are required for all races; no aero bars. Promoter reserves the right to combine fields if the minimum field size of 15 racers is not met. Women's race has a combined limit of 50 riders. Course Description: A Blast from the Past. Those racers from the early 90's will remember this one! Course is a fast and flat circuit with two 90 degree bends and two nice left sweepers. Bring the family. Plenty of room to run and right on the water for a spectacular view.

Directions: Click here for directions

For additional info contact: Joshua Goyet at (757)515-5940 Email:

Virginia Beach Wheelmen is sponsored by: All About Bikes, Velocity Sports Performance, Premier Fitness Golds Gym, Ramone Photography, STIHL, Outdoor Impressions, Gam Jams, Ken Rapp from Rose and Womble Reality and SleepyHead Primitives. Please support businesses that support local cycling.

Jan 26, 2008

Getting race ready.

Saturday afternoon interval training. The Virginia Beach Wheelmen work on endurance intervals, lead outs and teamwork.

Jan 21, 2008

Team Clothing

Virginia Beach Wheelmen Team clothing is on its way. We went with Canadian based company (with office in Washington State) Atac Sportswear. We wore their clothing last year. Very high quality and we don't have to wait for slow boat from China. Four weeks after we finalized the order we will have the clothing. If any team is looking for nice, affordable, quick and variety, give Atac sportswear a try.

Jan 7, 2008

Gam Jams Named as VBW sponsor

Added to the list of sponsors is now Gam Jams.

Jan 4, 2008

Team Sponsors

We have been working on finalizing our 2008 team sponsors. I like to post this stuff because these are the companies that support the sport of cycling. So if you are ever in the need of services, look to these and other companies that support cycling first.

(757) 724-3787

custom crafts and memory quilts