The Virginia Beach Wheelmen originated in 2006. Its four original members where Joshua Goyet, Tim Shockley, Jon Nisbet and Mike Tamayo. All four of them had raced together as juniors on TBA ten years prior. Family, school and jobs took them out of cycling and out of touch with each other until 2005. A surprise ride from Bike Zone reignited the flame of passion for the sport. They formed a team and raced together again.

Over the years the Virginia Beach Wheelmen have focused on small team tactics, developing young/new riders and just having fun.  They believe in the importance of not only racing but doing their part in promoting races.  In 2007 they put on their first crit in Suffolk, VA which was hampered by a nor-easter.   In 2008 they put on the Sleepy Hole Smackdown in the old Sleepy Hole course.  That course was actually the place where Joshua first met Tim, Mike and Jon.  In 2009 they put on the Sleepy Hole race, the Smithfield HAMmer Fest 2-Man Team Time Trial and the Bennett's Creek Cyclocross races.  In 2010 they will put on those races plus adding a Downtown Smithfield HAMmer Fest Criterium and possibly another cyclocross event.  All with under 10 racers on the roster.

In the past couple of years we have focused on the Sleepy Hole Crit and the Bennett's Creek Cyclocross race both in Suffolk, VA. 

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